Recondition and Maximise Your Life  

When life gets hectic and stressful, your body takes the brunt of leaving you feeling tired and unmotivated.

Reconditioned.Me is an 8-week program created by experts and designed to recharge your system and get you firing on all cylinders again.

Reconditioned.Me gives you the essential ingredients to live a healthy lifestyle and feel great;

•    THE FUEL: Re-set your diet, so its nutrient dense and packed full of goodness  ( designed by Cliff Harvey & Scott Gooding  )

•    THE FOCUS : Revitalise and relax your mind through meditation ( guided by an Glenn Mackintosh and Neera Scott )

•    THE ENERGY: Re-Charge your body through achieveable exercise ( programmed by Scott Gooding )

You don’t need to re-invent your lifestyle,  just recondition it to capture the things that give it power !

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