A holistic perspective on the Keto Diet and the best lifestyle approach for health & longevity.  Understand the framework and foundation for health, includes 100 recipes.

Foreword by Dr. Cliff Harvey.

Published by Hachette 2018 – Click here to purchase.



The cookbook companion to The Keto Diet, includes 150 delicious Keto-friendly recipes, all gluten-free, low sugar, soy-free and non-GMO.  Includes a weekly planner and refresher on the Keto Diet.

Published by Hachette 2018 – Click here to purchase.


A comprehensive online health program

Designed by a team of experts to optimise health and well-being

What you’ll get

  • 4 experts
  • 170 delicious recipes
  • 280 exercises
  • 8 guided meditations
  • Mindset coaching
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