Who is Scott?

“Scott Gooding is an Australian chef and thought leader, encouraging and inspiring people to cook real food at home for them and their loved ones. Scott breaks down the barriers to cooking healthy food with his simple, affordable, nourishing recipes. He’s a big proponent of a higher fat, low carbohydrate protocol and hopes to contribute to changing the current food landscape, in the name of optimal health for his followers and his sons. Scott has published 8 health books, is curator of The Good Place (click here) and is the founder of Reconditioned (click here) his online health program

He has forged an impressive path in the Australian health space, often being asked to talk at and host events, as well as taking on Ambassador roles for prominent health businesses.

His latest project www.reconditioned.me, an 8-week online health program giving you the essential ingredients to live and healthy lifestyle and feel great!

Find out more www.reconditioned.me

What is it?

Thanks for stopping by – the Scott Gooding Project is simply a platform to share easy, delicious and affordable recipes.  Scott hopes that by sharing his recipes it will influence one or two ..or…many, in the ways of cooking healthy.  Healthy food has had a bad rap over the years, but these recipes are testimony to the ease in which you can improve the food and health landscape at home, for you and the family.

The modern diet is drenched in convenience and fastfood, which has allowed us to stray from the path of health.  I see cooking being the central component of the household and a time to bring loved ones together – a time to reconnect in a disconnected world.

Cooking at home with love is the biggest lever to health and will enable us to be the custodians of our own health.

I hope you find some inspiration and share the recipes – let’s make meal-time, family-time again!

Be healthy, be happy!”








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